lesson-by-lesson teacher/parent demo videos


Not only does the Core Advantage math fluency system come with the book, but it also includes lesson-by-lesson parent/teacher demo videos. This saves parents and teachers time and energy by taking the guesswork out of the lessons. The lesson-by-lesson demo videos can be used as a professional development tool and to help teachers with lesson prep.

Click on the links below to view the video playlists for each unit.

Unit 1: Easy Breezy Addition & Subtraction

Unit 2: Multi-digit Addition & Subtraction

Unit 3: 10 Powerful Steps to Multiplication Fluency (WATCH VIDEOS #1-10 FIRST)

Unit 4: Making Sense of Division

Unit 5: Making Sense of Fractions

Unit 6: Making Sense of Proportions

Unit 7: Making Sense of Conversions

Unit 8: Making Sense of Integers

Unit 9: Making Sense of Exponents

Unit 10: Making Sense of Equations